Meet Mo Hasan

Mo Hasan is globally renowned as a leader in applied artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. He has decades of experience as an Executive Trainer and Management Consultant empowering organizations to succeed.

As an educator and strategist, Mo has extensively trained executives, teams, and enterprises in successfully leveraging AI to transform workflows, unlock insights, and accelerate innovation.

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A History of Executive Success Stories

Black and white photo of Associate Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg in official dress.

"Mo is an expert not only in computer technology. He is a patient, sympathique teacher who knows how to engage other minds."

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court of the United States

Counselor Jeffrey Minear and Chief Justice John Roberts

"Very well done. Mo is excellent."

Jeffrey P. Minear
Counselor to Chief Justice John Roberts
Supreme Court of the United States

Raymond Aaron and Karyn Mullen

"Executives and business leaders would save countless hours with Mo's teachings."

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Best-selling Author
Raymond Aaron Group

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TEDxAshburn -Ā Why Most People Fail at Financial Planning

In this popular TEDx presentation, acclaimed author and speaker Mo Hasan examines the hidden secret of the wealthy that keeps average people struggling financially. Through insightful lessons in behavioral economics and personal finance, Mo shows why those who understand this secret can rapidly create financial security, while others work a lifetime yet still face money worries.

Mo empowers audiences by reframing their perspective on achieving wealth goals despite psychological biases. This talk exemplifies Mo's engaging storytelling approach. As he conveys complex financial concepts in a relatable way. Audiences will gain research-backed frameworks to take control of their financial future, learning as much about human nature as personal finance. Mo makes clear that financial freedom is within reach for us all.

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TEDxAshburn - The Power of Collaborative Resourcing

In this fun, interactive, and engaging session, Mo Hasan takes you through the basic neuroscience of teamwork including best practices to achieve better collaboration and productivity. You will gain new insights into how you can transform the teams in your life and walk away with practical tools you can use immediately.

"[Mo] was really terrific. His explanations were clear and understandable, he was not talking down to us nor leaving us in the dust with techno-babble."

EricĀ Schlesinger
Senior Human Resources Officer
World Bank Group