Meet Your 24/7 AI Business Advisor

The Best AI Tool for Successful Executives and Founders

SuperCEO™ provides customized strategic guidance and actionable recommendations by synthesizing decades of proven executive experience. Get advice tailored to your specific business needs, anytime.

SuperCEO™ combines advanced natural language AI with the collective wisdom of top CEOs and business leaders. Ask questions in plain language to receive personalized insights across all management disciplines. 

For Executives

  • Strategic plans, scenarios, recommendations
  • Financial models, forecasting, sensitivity analysis
  • Project management plans, resourcing, tracking
  • Marketing campaign plans, content frameworks
  • Sales process optimization proposals
  • Organizational and talent strategy guidance
  • Investor collateral including pitch decks

For Founders

  • Fundraising materials including business plans, financial models
  • Go-to-market strategies and execution tactics
  • Competitive benchmarking and market research
  • Pricing strategies and monetization guidance
  • Recruiting and people management playbooks
  • Pitch decks tailored by funding stage
  • Legal and regulatory guidance

SuperCEO™ goes beyond generic advice to provide an AI advisor customized specifically for your business needs and industry context.

Be more decisive and resilient with 24/7 access to your own AI advisor. Schedule a demo today.

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  • Save time with instant, customized advice vs. DIY or consultants
  • Reduce risk and avoid pitfalls with an unbiased external perspective
  • Increase productivity by automating analytical work
  • Gain confidence through data-backed recommendations
  • Outperform competition by implementing proven strategies
  • Stay strategic and resilient through continuous guidance



Most Popular

  • Accelerates growth by reducing trial-and-error learning
  • Retains control unlike giving board seats to investors
  • Provides expertise without large internal team
  • Gains competitive edge with proven strategies
  • Frees up time to focus on core competencies

Your Virtual CEO in a box

SuperCEO™ offers straightforward pricing tailored to your business needs. Get full access to your customized SuperCEO™ AI advisor with a 12-month agreement.

Volume Discounts are available. Contact us for details.

Onboarding: $5,000 one-time setup fee

Covers the custom configuration of your AI advisor based on assessing your business goals, industry, competition, and current challenges.

Support Options

  • Premium Support $1,000/month
    • Priority email, chat, and phone assistance
    • Extended service hours
    • Faster response times
  • Standard Support
    • Email and chat assistance
    • Business hours response
Executive Benefits

SuperCEO™ delivers customized strategic guidance and insights tailored to your specific situation as an enterprise leader. Key features include:

  • Natural language processing for conversational access
  • Continuous learning capabilities based on your feedback
  • Ingestion of your historical data to tailor recommendations
  • Secure cloud platform with access controls
  • Ongoing human review of outputs
  • Web portal and mobile app access
  • Library of templates to accelerate delivery 
  • Connection capabilities to port output into systems
  • Usage analytics to showcase the impact
Entrepreneur Benefits

SuperCEO™ provides tailored 24/7 mentorship to entrepreneurs and startups tailored to support rapid growth. Key features:

  • Conversational interface to get advice quickly
  • Strategic frameworks and data to support recommendations
  • Financial models designed to secure external funding
  • Tools to track execution versus strategic plans
  • Investor pitch decks tailored by funding stage
  • Pricing strategies and monetization guidance
  • Recruiting and talent management playbooks
  • Competitive benchmarking and market research
  • Segmentation for targeted marketing
  • Guidance on legal/regulatory issues

SuperCEO™ provides enterprise-grade AI assistant capabilities to support strategic decision-making.

Conversational Interface

  • Natural language processing for engaging with SuperCEO™ via chat or voice

Continuous Learning

  • Provides more relevant recommendations over time-based on user feedback

Data Ingestion & Analysis

  • Ingests historical data, research, performance metrics for contextual recommendations

Secure Platform

  • Cloud-based with robust access controls, encryption, and cybersecurity protections

Ongoing Oversight

  • Human team reviews and enhances SuperCEO™'s outputs for accuracy and relevance


  • Web portal, mobile apps, email integration for anywhere availability

Output Library

  • Library of templates, frameworks, and best practices accelerates delivery

System Connectors 

  • Smoothly export SuperCEO deliverables into operational systems

Usage Analytics

  • Dashboards showcase utilization metrics and ROI