SharePoint SuperUserâ„¢

A unique hybrid learning experience engineered to produce results in people and systems.

The most comprehensive SharePoint training for enterprises and organizations starts with a focus on teams and collaboration.

We designed this flagship course for Power Users, Content Creators, Team Leaders, and Information Managers. We packed in the most powerful teachings so you have everything you need to succeed in your SharePoint environment.


This complete course includes:

  • 3 Full Days of In-Person Instructor-Led Training
  • 15 Live Webinars
  • 1 Year of E-Learning and Online Support

Learn the technical and soft skills to:

  • Work efficiently with your team
  • Save your organization time and money
  • Skyrocket user adoption and productivity

Robust Curriculum

It doesn’t matter if your team knows where to click if they don’t know how to work together. Our unique curriculum is designed to give users the technical skills to operate within SharePoint along with the soft skills that make a team function as a well-oiled machine.

It doesn’t matter if you implement SharePoint if you don’t build it out properly. We include additional design and technical skills in our curriculum so you can build beautiful sites and content that your users will actually use.

SharePoint Core

Master the fundamental components including Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Workflows and Web Parts.

Business Tech Basics

To thrive in SharePoint you will need a wide range of technical skills across Windows, web browsers, and more.


It does not matter if your team knows where to click if they don't know how to work together. Our advanced communication and team building methodologies produce a team that wins together.

Content and Media Production

A successful SharePoint environment requires great content matched with world-class graphics. All of which you can easily create yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

The emotional state of your team plays a large part in your productivity. Take control of your own emotional state and help team members quickly get back to accurate and desired states.

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